Date Title Type Description
2018 'My Secret Garden' personal project «ASTROLAVOS DEXAMENI» Gallery, Athens www.astrolavos.gr
2016 Big Nothing Personal Project Modern Greek Fine Art Exhibition in Shanghai, China
2015 'the Ergotaxio' videos ART ATHINA, EMST Booth
2015 'People' film National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens
2015 Fix-Emst 2006-2015 slide projection Athens Conservatoire - EMST
2012 Ergotaxio Fix-EMST Photography work in progress
2013 If I were a Tree, my roots would be in Rio and my branches in NY Personal Project Gallery Cube,Patras
2011 Le Ballet Du Jour Personal Project Artist's home gallery, Athens APhF
2011 Geometry & Lights Personal Project «ASTROLAVOS DEXAMENI» Gallery, Athens www.astrolavos.gr
2010 City Spirits Personal Project Channacale Museum, Turkey
2008 Woma-n-ature Personal Project Astrolavos Art Galleries, APhF Athens
2007 ...in 3 segments of time Personal Project Libreria Fanucci, Rome, Italy
1997 ...Is Super 8 Past? Personal Project Megaron of the Duchess of Plakentia, Athens
1994 Photopaintings Personal Project Epikentro Gallery, Patras
1993 Photography: A Silent Song Personal Project Ersi's Gallery, Athens.
Olympic Stadium, Athens.
2013 Now Group Project Greek-French Association & Vorres Museum of Contemporary Art
2011 Associate Status Group Project Istanbul Biennale, Turkey
2011 Art Athina Group Project Astrolavos Booth
2011 Exclusive Group Project Astrolavos Dexameni, Athens
2010 Art Fair Group Project Istanbul. Turkey
2009 International Biennale of Contemporary Art Group Project Turkey
2009 Green Project Group Project Gallery a.antonopoulou, Athens
2009 Who we are Group Project Lightroom proj. at T.A.F, Athens
2009 Villa Kazouli Group Project State Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens
2008 Video art Fuga Group Project First prize award at International movie contest, Patras
2008 Silent Dialogues Group Project American College of Greece, Athens
2008 Hearts in Athens Group Project Athens
2008 Biennale of Contemporary Art Group Project Tashkent, Uzbekistan
2001 Toxic Group Project DESTE Foundation & WWF, Athens
1998 1st Festival for Art & Technology Group Project Ileana Tounta, Contemporary Art Center, Athens
1994 57 Street & Lexington Avenue Group Project C.U.N.Y, New York